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In the second version, Goemon made an attempt to break into the residence of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the most powerful man in Japan at that time.It is unclear as to why Goemon decided to embark on this extremely risky enterprise.Thus, Goemon quit being a samurai, and began to lead the life of a thief.Goemon is traditionally regarded to have been a student of Momochi Sandayu, one of the founders of the Iga School of ninjutsu.This transformed Goemon into a hero, and ensured his popularity in Japanese culture.

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Apart from a very rich mythology, Japan also has numerous histories about heroes. Walking around in fine silk and playing the flute, at first glance he seemed...

During that time, Japan was under the rule of the Ashikaga Shogunate.

According to some versions of the story, Goemon was the son of a samurai, and was from the area of Kouchi, in the present day Osaka prefecture.

Goemon began his professional career as a thief in the city of Kyoto.

A band of thieves was organised by Goemon, and together, they began to ravage the city.

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