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Certainly, beauty blogging seems trivial in light of the problems facing many women, but it’s still important that women have a platform like You Tube to come together and to help each other to make even small changes in their lives.A current membership card must be produced to get the discount, no matter how often you go there or how (in)famous you are! has served us pretty well over the last 6 years and now needs replacing.It's just a cheap Huawei smart phone running a web camera app: please let us know if you have a reasonably recent smart phone that you can donate.In honor of International Women’s Day, which is this Saturday, March 8th, I’d like to pay it forward by giving a shout out to all the lovely ladies of youtube who’ve broken new ground by being the 1st generation of women over 40 to post beauty videos.International Women’s Day is all about focusing the world’s attention on the advances made by women in the past and the areas that still need addressing.

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