Overeager dating

The point is, women appreciate a man who is self-assured enough to approach us yet humble enough to extend gracious compliments. Make us feel special somehow, and be sure to extend some sort of kindness our way.

You don't have to be ruggedly handsome and have six-pack abs, and you certainly don't need a book of pick-up lines (we can spot those a mile away). I have this recurring vision of being approached by a tall, dark, handsome man carrying a tall, dark, organic cup of coffee and a croissant over to my table.

• Eye contact and a smile will up your chances significantly.

I'll leave you with a third and final interaction that still makes me smile.

While we do want to be noticed for our unique physical beauty, complimenting only our body is the opposite of classy. It says a lot that you can be articulate and are interested in getting to know us, plus we are more likely to say "yes" if you establish some degree of comfort first. • When you are ready to go for the next step, don't ask us out to dinner; it's too much of a commitment right off the bat.

I once had a man tell me he "appreciated a woman who takes care of herself" -- borderline condescending. Suggest that we meet up for a drink, grab a cup of coffee, something short where we can get to know each other without pressure. An interesting man can turn into a stalker quickly if a few bouts of eye contact morph into a staring session with no attempt to engage.

His words seemed so honest and spontaneous that I didn't even mind him asking me out right away.

He just laid it all out on the table without being rude or overeager, and it got him my phone number.

I left the coffee shop a few hours later thinking, "Now how you approach a woman." During another encounter I had a few years ago at a quaint little bookstore/coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado, I was relaxing enjoying my coffee when I noticed an exotic-looking, bearded man in line purchasing a book.And that holds good for material things, and for matters of the heart too.The art of taking things slow while pursuing a girl When it comes to pursuing a girl, always take things slow.I've been equally intrigued by straightforward, uncomplicated lines, for instance: "It was really nice talking to you, would you mind if I called you sometime? • Don't go for it when you're drunk, biggest turnoff possible. It's almost expected to be approached at a bar, but it can feel like you're just trying to hook up and any attractive female will do." Here are a few tips that might help you go from noticing a beautiful woman to spending some quality time with her: • Don't approach us with a purely sexual line. On the other hand, bookstores, coffee shops, grocery stores, the bank, the gym -- all places where we'll be pleasantly surprised to get noticed. We are naturally suspicious at first, so make a point to carry on a conversation with substance for a bit before taking that leap.

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