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I can see her now, she always seemed to wear brown on most occasions, her hair was always combed neatly into one long curl which went all the way round from one side of her head to the other and when she walked along it used to bob up and down, at the time it used to fascinate me.

She was very nice and helpful if you did not understand any of the lessons she would sit very patiently with you and explain everything.

I was thrilled to bits when the teacher asked another girl and I to lay the tiny tables.

My friends in the yard in Monument Road were Phillip Mooney and George Payne.

I would especially like to find Georgie Payne, the family moved to St.

Eventually I went into the last class in the infants, my teacher there was Miss Girdlestone, she was a real shocker, such a nasty temper, she used to shout and get very angry if you did not pay attention.

By this time the mugs of Horlicks were replaced by small 1/3 pint bottles of milk, which we had each morning.

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