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What happens with a young Gay man, struggling not only with his sexuality but also gender, decides to have surgery to become a female, and later decides to return to being a Gay man again?

Can someone live their life full time as a female, but still have a penis?

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These are just some of the stories told in the fascinating, poignant, informative and some may say controversial documentary ALMOST MYSELF.

The film focuses primarily on women who are white and older, yet were identified as male at birth.

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Trans America (Movie) Emmy winner Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) won the Best Actress (Drama) Golden Globe Award for her "fiercely funny and deeply powerful" performance (Pete Hammond, Maxim) that is "thrilling to watch." (A. Scott, The New York Times) Huffman plays Bree Osbourne, a conservative transsexual woman, who learns she is the parent of a long-lost 17-year-old son (Kevin Zegers).

The wheels of fortune take Bree and son on a cross-country adventure, including a memorable visit with Brees parents, that will change both of their lives.

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