Pdt identity token for validating orders multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

You do not want to be testing against your live business/personal account.

Therefore you’ll need to register for a developer account first to get access to Paypal Sandbox which allows you to test at your heart’s will.

Paypal has more than one way of notifying your Rocketspark website that an order has been placed.

The primary way that this happens is via the Instant Payment Notification.

Your identity token will appear within that message, as well as below the PDT On/Off radio buttons.

It is the most reliable way to know whether you truly have received money because the message will be sent at some point or the other, whether the user does not return to your website after completing the payment or he loses internet connection or there’s congestion and the transaction notification is delayed.If you also need notification of transaction reversals (such as chargebacks), refunds, and subscription events, please also enable Instant Payment Notification (IPN).PDT is a feature of Pay Pal that you must activate to provide a user friendly shopping experience for customers making purchases via a mobile phone on your Rocketspark online store.Click the Payment Data Transfer "On" radio button.5.Click "Save."You might be prompted to turn on Auto Return in order to use Payment Data Transfer, or PDT. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page indicating that you have successfully enabled Payment Data Transfer.

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