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The Germanophone sphere is the largest market for dubbing in Europe.Foreign TV shows and other formats are often dubbed into German, while subtitled formats with the original language are also becoming more popular.As stated above, the ARD was the first German broadcasting station. At present, nine regional TV stations cooperate to produce programs for the TV network known as Das Erste (The First): Seven of these broadcasters run their own regional TV programs (The Third), most of them use several frequencies and show local opt-outs.While multi-state-broadcasters NDR, RBB, MDR and SWR have state versions (e.g.

The strongest revenue segment in Germany is public funding (€4,430 million in 2008), followed by advertising (€4,035 million) and subscription (1,150 € million).

In 2005, several German cable companies created a new challenger to Premiere - ARENA.

The participating companies are iesy (Hesse) and ish (TV) (North Rhine-Westphalia) through their combined partnership called "Unity Media".

East Germany started DFF2 in 1969, and introduced colour programming on both channels.

In 1972, the DFF was renamed, dropping the pretense of being an all-Germany service and becoming Fernsehen der DDR (GDR Television) or DDR-FS. The first two privately financed TV networks, RTL plus (short for Radio Television Luxemburg) and SAT 1, started their programming in West Germany in 1984.

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