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I always thought I wouldn't like this, or it was too common, so it wasn't even on my radar. While some hyped-up overpriced shite easily scores 4.5 and more?! But I basically wear it daily in my job every summer without being cloying.

It is easy to underestimate this juice, packed in a humble blue bottle, but I'd like to emphasise how innovative, influential and popular it was in the mid-1990s. My mum hates perfumes and it's the only one that likes and sprays in her shirt sometimes.

All I can do is use it like a body spray and then add a little of Coty's Adidas Moves for Women.

At least I have the first few seconds to enjoy the Davidoff. ❤COOL WATER DAVIDOFF FOR WOMEN❤ 4Y/4M Anniversary Gift Crisply aquatic, lightly sweet, airy and breathtakingly linen fresh.

Cool and refreshing, but I can't help but think of scented tampons/feminine pads when I wear this.

It's not unpleasant, but the mental scent association keeps me from wanting to wear it again.

Wears well for an eau de toilette with decent longevity and sillage. I like wearing it on days where I know I'll be outside a lot.

The top note is a real lemon parade with melon and quince (this one is so delicious), this the best part of the perfume. common flower scent with some water lily and lotus. Honestly, I haven't expected Cool Water to be so intense and long lasting, I sprayed it on my wrists and I could feel it next day on my sleeves. For some reason this perfume smelled better to me when it first came out. And sometimes it's just salty cucumber/melon/water flowers mix.

Trust a genius perfumer Pierre Bourdon - the man who created Kouros - to perfectly execute the task of creating the freshest, most pleasant summer scent ever. Update: This smells very unisex to me (which I like) so I let my younger brother have a spritz before a date with his girlfriend, since he really loved the smell on me.

It's a rare combination of white flowers with a delicious vitamin cocktail that contains relatively uncommon notes of melon, pineapple and quince; it's clean, breezy, juicy and energising. I feel the raspberries,pineapple,melon and peach very yummy and juicy. Apparently she did too, and wouldn't stop hugging/sniffing him the whole time lol. So to the menfolk our there, don't be afraid to play around, with "women's" perfume.

(review from a man, tested on my girlfrined) There is not too much „cool water” feeling in the bottle.

In the version for men really appear the summer and sea feelings, but in the women verison not really.

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