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Ttells story of her escape from execution at Evin prison.

Her crime was to complain about her teachers teaching Islam in Math and History Classes!

Once both parties agree on the direction, each project is priced individually and you are provided with a detailed price estimate which includes the entire cost for your project with no hidden charges.

Abi Negah Ayehaye Asheqan Baq Bayad Budan Bonbast Buye Barun Chang Va Ud Dame Ajal Dele Asheq Divunegi Ensanam Arezust Eshqe Elahi Eshtebah Bud Ey Asheqan Eydaneh Fasle Baharun Hale Asheqan Hale Mane Bi To Hamzabun Irane Man Kavire Qorbat Khate Khunin Khiabane Khabha Khial Nakon Kuche Asheqane Kuye Eshq Mane Bi Del Mast Va Divaneh Mitarsam Noktedane Eshq Qodsiane Aseman Radeh Pa Sadegi Shekar Vaqf Parandeha Vatan Yeki Az Ma Zire Baran .Every project, large or small, is given careful thought and discussed with our customers.We make sure you are well informed and know exactly what will be delivered.Akharin Harf Asudeh Bash Ayeneh Azadi Barun Bazam Man Charlatan Daste Man Nist Hesse Tazeh Kasi Nist Lahzeh be Lahzeh Mageh Nah Man Kiyam Naqashi Parastesh Qomare Zendegi Rahe Nabz Raqse Ab Riztarin Dunehye Khak Tekyeh Bar Bad Yek Seda .Afsun Ala Ya Ayyohal Saqi Aludeh Atashe To Beshno az Ney Cho Bad Dar Deyre Moqan Darde Eshq Darvish Dideh Darya Konam Eybe Rendan Makon Goftam Qame To Daram Hafez In Love In Shame Delafruz Manbar Mast Nahale Heyrat Qame Del Saqi Talate To Tehran Blues The Way Of Love .

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