Pregnant dating baby isnt mine

He can say you've both been good sports about this, but the word play about lip service has to stop or else as far as family gatherings are concerned you will both stop coming. Paternity Test Drama: My husband's first wife cheated on him throughout their marriage.He's been battling how difficult it is for him to trust women ever since their divorce.I was, of course, over the moon about becoming a father.Things were starting to look up, until I discovered an ultrasound scan report which showed my wife was further along in the pregnancy than she told me.But your simple assertion, and refusal to engage in character assassination, will at least put serious doubt in people's minds.

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I have recently started getting Halloween cards in the mail in which his relatives have written things like, "Don't let it be a repeat of last year! His sister is throwing the Halloween party this year, and I am definitely not going. But I'm worried that if we don't show, this heckling will just continue—by email, mail, whatever. At least your husband's family finds this hilarious instead of you two being excoriated for your behavior and an exorcism suggested.

Tell her you've said nothing to date, but because you are not the cruel person she is portraying as, you are going to begin to tell people the truth.

Then you can tell people simply that the baby was conceived with another man while you were separated, a situation that lead to your decision to end the marriage.

You don't have to add the damning filigree that she tried to mislead you about the child.

Since she sounds possibly pathological she will probably have a whole counterfactual account to challenge yours.

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