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Phyllis, and her best friend, Mary Ellen, were partners of sorts. Rodney, married to Mary Ellen, had a part time job, just as I did. Not only was he smaller and softer looking then me, he did floral arrangements. Worse yet, both Mary and Phyllis were trying to get me to participate. She has the best quality and a really fine selection of the frilliest stuff. As I sometimes had done, with my governess, I went to the bathroom to prettify myself for yet another session in bed. Her beautifully tapered nails were coated with a delightfully youthful shade of Candy Apple Red.

Mary Ellen, an architect, designed many of the same, new, luxury homes, that Phyllis decorated. I should say, he had once done floral arrangements. I cringed again, just thinking of him As much as I liked Rodney, I also felt very sorry for him. On my way to the phone I decided to remind Linda to see what the hold up was on the new nametag I was supposed to be getting. When you see Sylvia and Mary Ellen tomorrow, let them know I look forward to the Monday beauty session.” I said this very submissively. I’d already been deflowered, so this time it was less uncomfortable. Her facial make up was an extravagant blend of seasonal spring shades.

It had come back “ Terri.” I’d never even liked Terry, the masculine version. But the feminine form “ Terri” insured a lot of teasing from the wealthy socialites, and female staff at Michele’s. As I began to tell my wife of these circumstances, fully expecting some sort of sympathy, she began to belly laugh hysterically. Once she composed herself and calmed down some, she got up from the bed saying, “ Oh, my goodness. ‘ Sweet thing’ is finally coming out to me! Put this negligee and these high-heeled slippers on, and sit on the settee for me. I prefer you dressing with me in a healthy atmosphere. “ Of course not dear, but you should share this with someone. I recalled candidly that during the daytime, poodle skirts with peter pan blouses, were the usual attire. When I continued to tell her that coming home late from a date was a cause for a dress up session, I knew I’d made a big mistake.“ Wait, Terri. You and I met and began dating, during your second and final year at beauty school. That way they were assured I’d study for my written and practical tests.”“ My goodness Terri! Teach her well enough, and she can start doing my hair as well as Mary’s. ” she asked as she gave me a shot with the crop.“ Good. You’ll continue this shaving and nail care program I have you on. She can’t wait for you to see her.” She gushed as if she were the proud mother of a young teen daughter.

At five foot eight, 140 pounds, with shoulder length dark brown hair, and soft pretty boy type looks; I needed a little help in the masculinity department, especially when one considered my occupation. I really had only given her a brief outline, never getting into any details. ” she laughed again and went toward the closet. I’ll sit in my easy chair, and we’ll have a lovely little hen party.” She added as she threw the items onto the love seat. Put them on,” she said with effect Not wanting to displease her, I dressed myself as told and then seated myself gently on the seat, as I watched her place a headband, brush, tube of lipstick, and bottle of perfume on a mirrored tray. Then she seated herself beside me the tray on her lap.“ I won’t have a closet queen for a husband. I don’t want you frequenting professional dommes out of shame. You’ll sleep in nightgowns, and start using a clear polish on you fingers. ” This was followed by another whack, a loud shriek, and another confirmation on my part. Indeed as Sylvia did appear I was very surprised at the progress she had made. Wearing a navy blue pleated knee length skirt with a white peasant blouse she had a schoolgirl look about her.

I’ve made up my mind.” she said emphatically.“ Now as for tonight, I think I’ll ‘walk on the wild side’ and enjoy this ‘new you’. You smell pretty, you’re submissively girlish, your dressed pretty, and you look a little scared. ” she asked, peering into my eyes.“ Bingo, Terri! Even left me there that morning, the “ravaged woman”.

Not as lovers, Terri, and we women can get very, very lonely. What am I, your dear wife Phyllis, Trying to tell you? Perfume, filmy nightgown, panties, heels, curled hair, full make up. Made love to me the way one make’s love to a new bride.

In her opinion it was “hideous.” They had decided to design an area where they and their friends could come to relax, chat, have coffee or tea, and be pampered by none other then me.

Right now Mary and I are completing some specs on a job we’re doing together.

By the time Sylvie is done with your make over, the both of you can do Mary Ellen and me.

The robe as I should describe it, was trimmed with lace at the collar, cuffs, and hem. Though it had pearl buttons down the front, to the waist, it also had a sash belt, where the buttons ended. Full make up, gleaming red lips, hair net and bright blue plastic rollers. I’d been doing them enough, and letting them grow, so that with the now pointed tips, my small hands appeared to belong to a female. With some clip on earrings, I’d be the picture of the society debutante, prepping herself, prior to her coming out party.“ The only thing garish, are the men’s slacks and shoes you’re wearing. My schedule, at the salon had been part time for a while, as Phyllis’ business had grown.

She took no time at all to get a cape on me and begin my shampoo, condition and cream rinse. With a comb out, a skirt and blouse, a little jewelry, some padding up top… I’d say you would look just fine.” She paused and then added, “ I also believe it would bring a smile to your very pretty face.” Then, from the doorway, I heard the sweet voice of my dear friend Sylvia saying softly, “ Don’t cry Celeste, Mary Ellen and I know everything.

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