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For instance plant nymphs wear outfits made of leaves. "That's why I didn't know if I'd be able to get someone to play it. "To help persuade you, because it would be a major plot character, I'd be able to give you double XP for the week." I smiled and grabbed the rule book. Let me read more, and see what Gregg thinks." I headed out the door, lost in thought, oblivious to the fact that I was still topless.

But you seem comfortable enough with your body that I thought it might be an option. ------- The cabin we had chosen was in the north campground, so I had a while to think before I got there.

A girl named Mary rushed over and put a cloak on my shoulders. I just needed to vent about my mistakes and get a new character so I could go take my frustrations out with a sword.

I shoved it off and let it fall to the ground as I sat down on a bench next to the group that authorized new characters. I need a character." I explained the situation, and heard some gasps and some grumbles. "You know, you could have gone out of game, put on a different outfit, then returned the corset to them." I just glared at him. Smitty, the head plot GM for the weekend, looked like he was either constipated or thinking very hard.

They are masters of illusion and deception, and have often led others to their demise through trickery and deceit.

As I finished my circle, I broke through the group, elbowing Jon in the ribs on my way, and stormed off towards the "Inn" - The registration area where the GMs tended to congregate and where all of our meals were served.I had looked at the lake when I had first arrived, and it had been tempting me ever since.I was imagining floating in the lake, the cool water caressing my body, when I was brought back to reality by some rustling in the trees.I knew my character couldn't be touched without her permission, but would he or his like-minded goons try to grope me?On the other hand, it was supposed to be getting up into the 90's or even higher this week.

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