Problem updating itunes 11 0 5

I then connected to this server using Filezilla and ftp’ed the file down to my local PC.

I used Filezila because it can restart failed downloads without having to restart the download all over again, which is handy for large files like files.

Thereafter, i OS 5.0 was released, and all i Phones sold after this time were sold with i OS 5.0. Same thing, crapped out again, and again, and again.

To be honest, I don’t know what the difference between i OS 4 and i OS 5 is. I did a bit of research on this, and was told by the Apple Support web site that I should ensure I had the latest version of i Tunes.

This worked a treat, and I pulled the file down onto the server in about 2 minutes.If that hosts file entry remains, you won’t be able to contact Apple’s signing server when you want to do a genuine restore, for a software upgrade for example, so removing the entry helps.However, for people who have never tried to Jailbreak, this is just a waste of time.Witin 30 minutes or so, I had the file on my laptap. Not to worry, I thought, lets see what Error 3194 means. An obscure meaningless error message that Microsoft would have been proud of. So back to Google for some more research, and this time I found all sorts of interesting stuff.(Note: hopefully you won’t have to do the step above, and have a good enough network connection to get the with your browser) Feeling certain that I had now conquered the Apple i OS 5.0 upgrade connundrum, I cranked up i Tunes and used the Shift-Restore option to load the locally stored file. Apparently, since the release of the i Phone 3GS, Apple will no longer let you install operating software on your i Phone unless that software is approved (signed) by Apple.

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