Project runway carol hannah and logan dating

A movie about a young boy named Josh who moves to a new city & is too shy to try out for the basketball team, until a runaway Golden Retriever shows him how it’s done.With the dogs help he makes the team & avoids those looking to cash in on Bud’s amazing game.The tale of a friendship between 8 sled dogs who become stranded in Antarctica during a particularly cold spell.Their guide Jerry will stop at nothing to rescue them and both dog and man overcome incredible obstacles to reach each other.Based on a true story about a teenage boy who enters a 522 mile sled-dog race to save his families farm.The boy faces physical & mental hardship with his dogs, but through determination & hard work he faces his fears and perseveres.A nosy reporter breaks into a lab that does experiments on animals and kidnaps MAX an experimental dog with the intelligence of a person.They quickly grow attached and he becomes very possessive of her, but her boyfriend…not so much.

This movie never made it to the theaters, but found itself a cult following anyway.Benji is a very resourceful stray who may not look like much but he’s a good one to have on your side.A children’s classic that shot Benji to become a household name.A family classic, this is the story of a cocker spaniel named Lady and a mutt named Tramp who find a unique love in one another.Their cheeky animal friends (& enemies) make this a fun story for everyone.

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