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After all files had installed, I started the game and it downloaded a patch with version number 1.01.I selected the Undead Nightmare single player campaign then started a new game from the pause menu after my old save had been loaded.If not those then I'm back to my first reaction since I'm still not convinced that the correct patch was installed.Posting here to see if others have been having the same issue.I tried deleting the game data files and reinstalling the DLC but that produced the same result.

I submitted a bug report a couple of days ago and I'm just going to paste it below.

I have the exact same issue on PS3 up until the point where Uncle spawns as a cougar.

I didn't read much of your post after that as I didn't want anything being spoiled, but it's safe to assume I'm in the exact same situation.

As an update on my own experiences, I've tried a few more things but still no luck.

The last thing I could try is deleting my multiplayer and main single player game saves, but that is something I won't be doing unless I'm told by someone in Rockstar that it will fix my problem.

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