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You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.

Introduction Up to now, all my stories have been fact-based from my earlier life. All characters (or websites) are fictional, any similarity to real persons, living or not, are purely co-incidental. Bored with his job, bored with his succession of girlfriends, even bored with his computer games. For a moment, Gerry had a mental vision of an old lady masturbating! Sure, there were plenty of porno sites, but obviously they were all staged, and the lack of reality bored him. Trawling down the search engine responses, he suddenly came on one that interested him.

"Find one near you and help with her fantasies and fetishes." Gerry was highly amused.

He couldn't resist signing up to see what would come up.

After inputting just enough info to access any local ladies, he was rewarded by pages and pages of mature ladies, aged between 50 to 80. He would not normally have been interested in someone who was almost old enough to be his grandmother and fat enough to be little more than a human blob, with two large, sagging blobs for tits.

Why not go online and see if any such actually sent pics of themselves.

"I do like to look at pictures of myself after a session," the woman remarked. " "I'd be happy to help," replied, Gerry, "just tell me what you want me to do." She smiled, slid off the dressing gown, and laid it on the back of the chair.

She was wearing the bikini, and a warm smell came from her. He doubted the film would be seen by anyone else, but didn't really care, anyway.

He'd been in the same job for 12 years since he was 18 and he felt he'd been there a lifetime. " Gerry thought to himself, "there must be something out there, really way out! "Kinky Grannies 4U" The opening page showed a cartoon-style, white haired old woman, in bra and knickers, with her legs open, and some sort of object being held into her fanny.

All his girlfriends had been OK, sex was pretty standard, they'd been OK to try various positions and places, but always ended up expecting him to marry them. He'd become used to killing half the population of the world and driving many an online enemy to their grave. He had never considered online dating, thinking himself good enough to pull a woman whenever he wanted in reality. "Join for FREE and BROWSE all our DIRTY OLD GRANNIES" blazed the slogan.

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