Quicken not updating prices

No problem until this evening I noticed Quicken updating itself, then went to do a ONE STEP (which I've used for more than a decade) and it failed.

Message: The program has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. This happens each time I try to update transactions.

The automation seems to print two error messages - first, when it can't start quicken message("Error: Could not run Quicken at " qexe ", " e.description, ERROR_LEVEL); What was printed after the , in the message - the description and error_level?

second, if quicken is already started and it can't find it, it reports message("Error: 2: Unable to activate Quicken application - not sending keys", ERROR_LEVEL); does that show up? unless run like this: cscript QImport /help it does not seem that the “Start Quicken and import prices into Quicken” should ever be printed out... Even if the registry key does not exist (it should be a key that contains the path to the quicken executable), it uses the default for QEXE_DEFAULT - which I believe you changed to the vista path.

Note that the menu item can't be edited, it will still say "Quicken Family Lawyer".

But the icon displayed on toolbar just below the menus will have the correct test.

Thanks once more - This script has really saved me a lot of time and hassle with the "Sunset" policy of Quicken. That last tip is great - I found that QFL could also be used - Quicken Family Lawyer.

In Quicken 2006, both QHI and QFL show up under Property and Debt file menu.

; names QHI or QFL can be anything, only the Intuit ID matters ; it is 1007 for QHI, and 1023 for QFL ; and the Exe Name is what will be invoked I missed the ^FTSE index update which was on my watch list so I decided to add it to the list for qimportp ....

Quicken 2006 itself installs on even the latest Windows 10 (2016) just fine.

[As an aside, it is just amazing that Windows 10 has kept compatibility alive for old software - Quicken 2006, as well as the Send Keys method used by the script below! ] There is certainly no technical decision to disable automatic stock price updates - it is just a marketing push, so make people upgrade even if they do not desire to move to a new version.

One final thing to try may be to delete the quicken start - since you are running quicken before anyway.

In the do Automation function, try deleting all the lines before the // check.

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