Range of radiocarbon dating gets a boost

Also the denomination of conspicuous stars or constellations does not constitute an astronomical science. Sitchin from astronomical interpretations of great specificity based upon little more than epigraphic evidence.

Sitchin and those who follow his lead see great astronomical truths in every object d'art of ancient times, never supposing for an instant that there could be far more prosaic explanations for many of these things.

produces a feeling not unlike that apparently felt by the old lady on the television commercial who orders a hamburger from a fast food joint only to be forced to ask the question: "Where's the beef?

" And the fast food analogy can be carried a bit further in saying that the Earth Chronicles are immediately gratifying, having been pumped full of fat and chemicals, thrills and chills, but leave us mentally malnourished = lots of theory, no substance and no validation.

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This effort has sold the "new FBI" to some of the most prominent critics of earlier COINTELPRO.The entire body of work is so full of glaring inconsistencies that it is sometimes difficult to decide where to start in sorting it all out.claims to have documentary evidence that a tenth planet exists as part of our solar system and that a race of superior beings, originating on this planet, once inhabited our world, genetically engineering mankind for purposes of slavery.Ongoing domestic covert action is more than amply documented by What we are discovering is that the targets are not limited to the opponents of U. By all indications, domestic covert operations have become a permanent feature of U. They have done enormous damage to the search for the Truth.These COINTELPRO operations are clearly formidable and dangerous.

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