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Before she knew it, I was balls deep and she was stuffed. “I feel just like a Christmas goose.” “You never seen a goose in your life, you silly bitch,” I laughed, then slowly started to thump her good.

I’d gotten into more than one tight hole in my day. “I still feel stuffed,” she moaned, tossin’ her stringy hair from side to side. No way,” she cried, but Moriah’s slutty hips began pumpin’ up and down, tellin’ a different tale.

Standin’ up, I tossed off my shirt and unzipped my pants. He was waving, strong and proud, like the American flag. It was a nice look for her, horny and vulnerable all at the same time. “It’ll feel bigger than it looks, once it’s inside,” I assured her. I like to know the names of them’s I fuck.” “My name’s Moriah, like the wind,” she said as though she had to explain such a simple thing, “but friends just call me, ‘Mor.’” Before she filled me in, I beat her to the punch. “I was married to a slut for twelve years, Moriah,” I explained.

Just the thought of fuckin’ Moriah’s mom and cummin’ all over her made me get my nut. * * * * * I heard a knock on my kitchen door and looked out to see the lil slut from next door.From then on we’d butted heads a time or two, the last being when I called the law on them last night for disturbin’ the peace. “Then why doesn’t she walk her fat ass over here and talk?She sat down at my kitchen table, none too ladylike, and started drinkin’ from my own coffee cup like she owned the place. So she sent me.” “And why should I listen to her just because she sent you? “She told me to be persuasive,” the daughter said, cockin’ her leg up on the chair and showin’ me her naked pussy. “Still, it won’t cost you nothin’ to listen and I can be very persuasive when I wanna be,” she said matter-of-factly. Not yet anyway.” I figured that the young one would be gettin’ around to me sooner or later, if nothin’ else but just to piss her mother off. “She told me this morning I can’t go out until I fetch you over and I’m gettin’ awfully horny, mister. As she rubbed her clit, her cunt gaped open wet and inviting.“I’m sure you can, though you’re hardly old enough to know how to use what you got, girly. No doubt that even with that small slit she’d been stuffed full many times. “Look mister, I don’t usually go for men your age, but as you can see I really need it.

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