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Our son Daniel was born with 8lb 8oz, perfectly normal.He is 1yr now and guess what, since he was born he has ranked in the 95% percentile for height!! Oh my goodness you guys are giving me so much strenght today.I have been crying and being moody I smoked a cigg today becuase I have just about gave up on everything.It is hard my husband is not here he is in Iraq, the doctor told me thursday that my son femur is a little short and he has a bright spot in his bowel area, which she said that I could have had an viral infection and didnt know it.The technician even called a more experienced technician to see the image and they tried for a while to see if it was some machine issue but after a very stressful 10min they concluded his femur was 3 weeks behind.We were in panic, thinking he was going to be a little person and stuff like that.

I was skeptical about all the ultrasounds, but did them anyway.

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So they took blood from me to see in fact I had an viral and still do so they can treat me. As I am trying not to cry but it is due to you all giving some kind of hope and faith in GOD i'm on my 35 weeks of pregnancy...

i had my ultrasound last tuesday and the doctor told me that my baby has short limbs.

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