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Quantifiers always refer to the pattern immediately preceding (to the left of) the quantifier, which is normally a single character unless parentheses are used to create a pattern group.Below are some sample patterns and inputs they would match.NET Regular Expression API Free Tools Advanced Topics Conclusion Resources About the Author Support for regular expressions in the Microsoft®.NET Framework is first-class, and even just within Microsoft® ASP.Now you've gone beyond what literal strings can do (within reason)—it's time to learn some more about regular expressions.

Credit for the first regular expressions is given to the mathematician Stephen Kleene.This article is designed for beginners with little or no experience with regular expressions, but who are familiar with ASP. In this article, I will discuss: If you have questions about this article or regular expressions in general, I invite you to ask them on the regex mailing list at which as I'm writing this has over 350 subscribers.Regular expressions as they exist today were invented in the 1950s. NET Regular Expression API Summary: Regular expressions are an extremely useful tool for working with text.Introduction Brief History of Regular Expressions Simple Expressions Quantifiers Metacharacters Character Classes Predefined Set Metacharacters Sample Expressions Validation in ASP.

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