Rick ross dating history

Bruce gathered equipment together he suspected would cure Betty. A fight ensued, angering Bruce and turning him into the Hulk. Again Bruce achieved a state in which he could control his transformations and maintain his normal personality and intelligence while in the form of the Hulk. Believing himself cured, Bruce proposed to Betty, and she accepted.

This time, however, Betty was upset because she wanted Bruce to be rid of the Hulk, not to control him. Thaddeus appeared at the wedding, armed with a gun and demanding that the marriage not take place before shooting Rick Jones.

However, during the ceremony, just before Bruce and Betty could be pronounced husband and wife, the Hulk's archenemy the Leader, seeking vengeance, fired radiation that returned Bruce to his previous condition as the savage Hulk.

The Hulk tore the house apart, and hopes for the wedding to occur were no more While Betty and Glenn were on their honeymoon, Thaddeus continued his pursuit of the Hulk, only to be captured by the Soviet scientist known as the Gremlin and sent to a Soviet prison. K., who was at the time the leader of the subversive organization called A. M, discovered Betty's condition and decided to take advantage of it.

Ross tried to convince her that she was a gentle human being, but still under the influence of M. As the Hulk revived, they were confronted by a two-headed creature calling itself the "Bi-Beast".

When Banner revived he explained to the Bi-Beast that he was a scientist, leading the creature to believe that destiny had brought him to the floating island.

By now Thaddeus was in charge of the top secret Gamma Bomb Project at Desert Base in New Mexico. When Ross began to realize that his daughter was falling in love with Bruce Banner, he tried to dissuade her from following those feelings, not liking the secrets that Banner was obviously keeping.

Later Betty was kidnapped by Tyrannus a long lived Grecian ruler who controlled the underground domain of Subterranea.

She was then captured by the Leader, who set her free after learning that she was pregnant with Bruce's child.

She was eventually reunited with Bruce, but soon afterward the Hulk seemingly perished in a tremendous explosion at Gammatown.

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