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That's not much of a surprise, since the online message board is all about the ins and outs of erotic dolls, as in the kind men have sex with.

Some regulars use the site to trade tips on gel butt implants.

Others complain about the pubic hair of one doll or the breasts of another.

Nukeno, however, uses it to tell the crowd what makes him happy: Nele and Kiko, his two dolls."Perhaps I have been alone for too long," writes the self-described 34-year-old from Germany.

With five sensors that detect light, touch, sound, temperature and posture, Paro can connect with people like a real animal.

And like a real animal, Paro has been found to reduce patients' stress and help them socialize with other patients.

Being a quiet man myself, my two silent companions and I [are] getting along quite well." For most people, erotic dolls represent a hidden world populated by men incapable of interacting with members of the opposite sex.It feels almost sordid -- especially for a society that doesn't blink an eye at violence but is unnerved by sex.Today's erotic dolls are passive, making them the sex toy equivalent of the flip phone.Bryant Paul, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University, worries that people will have a hard time measuring up against their digital competition. "Danielle Knafo, a professor of clinical psychology at Long Island University, knows that's a real possibility."If you make the AI good enough and the pleasure function is high enough, what's the allure of going into the real dating pool? Knafo has been researching the allure of erotic dolls since the mid-2000s, when a twice-divorced 48-year-old patient told her he was in love with one.

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