Romanian dating traditions

However, rather than using the father's full name, only the first letter — popularly known as the initial — is prefixed to the given name.

For example, if a person's given name is Saravanan and his father's Krishnan, then the full name is K.

Women never adopt their husbands' patronym but keep theirs for life.

Among the Zulu patronymics were used in the pre-colonial era.

Somalis use their paternal grandfather's given name as their legal surname for documentation purpose.

They also use the term "ina" or "iña" meaning "the son of" or "the daughter of," which is similar to other African- and the Arab-naming patterns.

Ethiopian and Eritreans use a naming pattern very similar to the Arab naming pattern, but with one exception: no suffix or prefix.

The full name is written as: First name (given name) followed by the father's name, and last by the grandfather's name.

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Family names in many Celtic, English, Iberian, Scandinavian, Armenian and Slavic surnames originate from patronyms, e.g.Kalenjin use 'arap' meaning 'son of'; Kikuyu used 'wa' meaning 'of'.Because of polygamy, matronyms were also used and 'wa' used to identify which wife the child was born of; Maasai use 'ole' meaning 'son of'; Meru use 'mto' abbreviated M' thus son of Mkindia would be M'Mkindia, pronounced Mto Mkindia.While a handful of them work independently the vast majority work for 'husbands' or pimps and are forced to have sex with men around the clock. A component of a name based on the name of one's mother or a female ancestor is a matronymic. In such instances, a person is usually referred to by their given name, rather than their patronymic.

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