Royal enfield frame dating

At the moment I can't see which is which and I choose for the one that looks the best.

One of the oil pipe unions to the rockers is self made I saw and the other is over tightened so I need to renew them.

The splines on the mainshaft sleeve are badly damaged because the final drive sprocket must have been loose.

The former owner did some welding to correct it and the sprocket fit is okay but.......

The 'contactbreaker plate' need some rebending but fits good.

Two alternators are present because the former owner wanted to change the electrical system from 6 to 12 Volts.

As a test I ordered these parts on-line by Hitchcocks and will see how this works. The clutch is complete and assembled; I orgot to assemble the clutch, chain and primairy drive sprocket in one operation so now I'm unable to place the primairy drive chain. At the opposit side I assembled the clutch operating lever after inserting the clutch operating pad & -rod.

Also the kickstarter returnspring and -crank is assembled but there is a lot of welding points on the crank so I have to replace it.

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It is strange that, looking in the spares list, it looks that the engeine is build in 1958/-59 because the 'gear operator anchor pin', the 'oil feed & return pipe' and the 'Big End Bearing Assembly' are all equal to the list of these years.

So I send him the pencil rubbings of the numbers and have to wait.

On the Internet I found the site ( of the company that can deliver copies of old manuals and I ordered an illustrated spares list of 1958/1959 because I think the engine is build in on of these years.

Everything fits and although the camshaft turns a bit (too) heavy all seems okay.

Tonight it is fun making progress and checked / assembled the gearbox.

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