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Bull is a darkly comic murder-mystery taking place in the heatwave-baked skyscraper canyons of the Toronto financial district, about a hapless stockbroker who gets caught up in a twisty web where no one, absolutely no one, is telling the truth.

It stars Craig Lauzon from the Royal Canadian Air Farce, Maury Chaykin (Dances with Wolves) and Ellen Dubin. Piri", a psychiatrist, who treats Craig Lauzon's character for depression.

Through it all, the show covers universal themes known to all audiences regarding lessons learned, experiences gained, and hearts swelled and mended.

The show premiered in Canada on APTN at pm , Saturday November 18, 2006 with a repeat broadcast at pm on Sunday November 19, 2006.

The whimsical and unique life-affirming culture of the Cree is at the very center of these stories as the people in them go through the daily trials and tribulations of their lives.Ellen has finished shooting in Hamilton, Ontario her first episode of Black Hole High and it is called "Equation" Ep. She plays Coach Carson, the basketball coach of the girl's team for this kids, Sci-Fi series. , but I will hopefully be caught up by at Friday of this week [10/23/15].I suffer from chronic pain due to a back condition, and colder weather triggers it and makes it painful to do much of anything, including: Netflixing, cooking, and sleeping (three of my favorite things). fans) refers to the non-mythology cases that Mulder & Scully investigated involving all sorts of bizarre humanoids, supernatural events, paranormal maybe-activity, and even demonic entities.These cases were always a blast to watch and they sometimes helped move the series along by giving fans a chance to relax for a moment before being slammed with the next mythology-heavy episode in the ever-evolving alien colonists/shadow government storyline.

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