Sedating pet

Occasionally, there may be an excitability phase which can last a few minutes before the full effect of the sedative has been achieved.Once the drug has taken full effect, the pet will be sleeping, peaceful and for all intents and purposes, out of consciousness and out of pain.The most evident example of this is encountered in fractious cats.2.When the pet's level of pain is such that having to move him or her in a position that will allow the placement of the IV catheter will cause too much pain.The disadvantage is that there will be more than one needle prick and that some of the products given may cause a slight burning or pinching sensation at the injection site.Some pets will experience a greater or lesser degree of discomfort upon the administration of such injections.However, there are factors that may make the placement of the IV catheter more challenging and more difficult for the pet.

The advantage of the pre-euthanasia injection is that it requires minimal restraint and very little time to administer the injection under the skin and that the rest of the procedure, including the placement of the IV catheter, will be done with the pet practically out of consciousness.

Also, some pets, like cancer patients or pets with neurologic disorders may react differently to medication and to pain.

In addition, the sedative takes some time to take into effect.

V.; in some cases, it is a completely unnecessary additional step and avoiding the sedative will be less stressful to the pet.1.

When the pet experiences anxiety at being approached by a stranger or at having his or her leg touched.

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