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He can contact me at [email protected]Â 888-790-7908 he knows how !

Posted in Charles Michael Oury, cheating husbands, credit card fraud, cyber stalker, cyber stalking, Michael Oury, Mike Oury, phone sex, phone sex bad boy, phone sex users, phonesex, phonesex loser | Andrew made the fatal mistake of deciding not to pay his bill :(Â This is unfortunate and not something I take lightly ! Goes off on tangents frequently and likes to boast about how he knows all these politically connected people.

Aditya Rajkumar thinks that he can do whatever he wishes to !

 He has excuses up the ass, then decides that ignoring us will work the best.  You see, I always warn charge backers, that I will work with them to have the billing issue rectified, however, should they choose to ignore or deny any attempts at resolution I will be forced to public notice on this site.  Not everyone is as open minded and kinky as we are :) any bets on whether they are or not ?

My ladies deserve to be paid for the service they provide and charging back after you have gotten your rocks off is simply not acceptable. Talks about how affluent he is and his family’s wealth.

He is in his late 20’s-early 30’s from the timeline he gave about his life.

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