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In an attempt to make everyone feel 100% WELCOME as well as ENCOURAGE those interested to come view our online sale offerings in person, we are now hosting an on farm Preview Day the weekend prior to each auction.

Our indoor facility and viewing arena provide a comfortable environment to view our sale offerings no matter the weather.

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The sixth season aired in October 2009; it depicts Arthur's youth in Rome (partly filmed in the décors of the series of the same name, in Cinecittà.) Alexandre Astier also plans to make three movies.

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However, a quick text or email letting us know you’re coming would be appreciated.

For those unable to attend on Preview Day, you are still welcome at any point before the auction to come view the sale offerings by appointment. Anyone unable to come see our offerings in person, is of course welcome to text, email, or call with any questions. 1 - On sale day, our sale will OPEN at 7 PM ET (6 PM CT).

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