Sex dating experience in america

Picture a kind of hyper-efficient, technology-mediated speed dating.There’s a billion dollar startup in there somewhere.But it might be possible to use ‘artificial muscle‘ technology to shrink the whole operation into something more manageable, like a jacket and gloves.You can imagine adding extra peripherals for kissing or, well, canoodling.

The demo put two users into the same virtual space together, allowing them to play with toys together, using Oculus’ gesture-tracking motion controller. Even without facial expressions or detailed avatars, VR is already able to engage the social parts of our brains in a way that no other technology can. You’d exchange sly glances, and wouldn’t know what to do with your hands.

Current VR, focused on sight, sound, and motion wouldn’t be enough.

Relationships depend on touch — not just sex, but also casual touch (a kiss, a hug, a held hand).

There’s been serious work done on that problem, too.

A number of sex toy makers have started developing computer-controlled sex toys that can be linked to other sex toys via the Internet.

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