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, the No Ho Southern staple that closed last spring after 25 years, has miraculously been reborn as a sexy new bi-level dinner/lounge. So the previous Acme, the one with the po’boys, hurricanes and N’awlins kitsch, is gone.

The CCRTs oversee all aspects of implementation and progress within their school district.The Ferndale, Blaine, and Mt Baker School Districts have committed to taking bold, broad steps toward a healthier future for their students.Safe Futures is a federally funded, 3-year collaborative project to prevent and address sexual assault, domestic violence, and adolescent relationship abuse by promoting healthy relationships and consent.These teams consists of administrators, counselors, advisors, youth, service providers, community members, and other project partners.The CCRTs complete a Community Strengths and Needs Assessment as well as a Strategic Plan.

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