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Effects Confirmation imparts A further consequence is the spiritual relationship which the person confirming and the sponsor contract with the recipient and with the recipient's parents.

This relationship constitutes a diriment impediment (see IMPEDIMENTS) to marriage.

According to a third opinion ( Morinus, Tapper) either anointing or imposition of hands suffices.

Finally, the most generally accepted view is that the anointing and the imposition of hands conjointly are the matter.

The Catechism of the Council of Trent says that the sacrament can be administered to all persons after baptism, but that this is not expedient before the use of reason ; and adds that it is most fitting that the sacrament be deferred until the child is seven years old, "for Confirmation has not been instituted as necessary for salvation, but that by virtue thereof we might be found well armed and prepared when called upon to fight for the faith of Christ, and for this kind of conflict no one will consider children, who are still without the use of reason, to be qualified." (Pt. iii, 18.) Such, in fact, is the general usage in the Western Church.

This is especially true of those who suffer persecution on account of their religion or are exposed to grievous temptations against faith or are in danger of death. Sponsors The Church prescribes under pain of grievous sin that a sponsor, or godparent, shall stand for the person confirmed.

The more serious the danger so much greater is the need of protecting oneself". The sponsor should be at least fourteen years of age, of the same sex as the candidate, should have already received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and be well instructed in the Catholic Faith.

From this office are excluded the father and mother of the candidate, members of a religious order (unless the candidate be a religious), public sinners, and those who are under public ban of interdict or excommunication.

They must, however, use chrism blessed by a patriarch.

Matter and Form There has been much discussion among theologians as to what constitutes the essential matter of this sacrament. Aureolus and Petavius, held that it consists in the imposition of hands. Thomas, Bellarmine, and Maldonatus, maintain that it is the anointing with chrism.

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