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The government in the Harry Potter stories is worse than just neutral, it’s populated by fools and supporters of the Dark Lord, pursues cruel and wicked policies, and eventually becomes Voldemort’s own tool.

In the Cormoran Strike novels, the authorities bumble along drawing wrong conclusions, resisting the force of truth, and impeding the course of justice. In her fiction, the government values itself, not the people.

It seems to me that the twitter feed has led to some mistaken impressions about the meaning of the literature.Ross Douthat takes the Harry Potter stories as an allegory about the ruling elite’s struggle to deal with flyover country.Hillary Clinton thinks they instill progressive values in the young. Rowling’s Christianity comes through profoundly in her fiction (the Cormoran Strike novels included) in a way that subverts the worldview of the political left and softens callused hearts on the right.For progressives, the media—newspapers, journalists, talking heads—are looked to as a source of truth.People look to the news to find out what is happening and for help in processing how to respond. Rowling in her fiction, the media are a pack of self-serving wolves preying on the populace.

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