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As I listened to their stories, I was struck by the direct hit of their sincerity.

After a lifetime spent deflecting my own sadness with irony and punch lines, I felt genuinely moved by the raw ache of their tales.

“Consent” is a buzzword of the new war on campus sexual assault.

One by one, about a dozen young women and one young man stepped up to the microphone with nervous voices and fidgeting hands.Rape whistles and self-defense classes had gone the way of the VCR.Rape was not a woman’s responsibility to prevent but a man’s responsibility not to commit.The definitions of sexual violence have been shifting underneath our feet for years, and vary from state to state and campus to campus.Once upon a time, the word “rape” conjured a stranger lunging from the bushes, but current law reflects a much broader narrative, in which rape is best characterized as any unwanted bodily invasion, while sexual assault refers to unwanted sexual contact or behavior.

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