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‘We are concerned about some new offences that have become a significant concern over recent years such as live-streaming, particularly in the Far East,’ he said.

‘We see the live-streaming of contact abuse of children, some as young as babies, all done to order by organised crime gangs ‘This adds a new, complex and worrying level to the number of sex offences worldwide because it is not just done because of people’s sexual predilections.

"I genuinely think that, deep in our thousands and thousands and millions of years with nature, there's a chance that an animal's going to come and attack us or eat us or destroy our village or eat our food.

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Posing as children, they trick their young targets into exposing themselves or performing sex acts that are broadcast online.The 28-year-old groomed a nine-year-old and persuaded her to expose herself on Friend, from Walthamstow in north-east London, regularly breached orders relating to a conviction in 2009 for sexual activity with a child.A month earlier a group of Britons were jailed for logging on to a chatroom as an American raped a six-year-old boy.Will Kerr of the National Crime Agency said live-streaming was one of the fastest growing threats to young people.

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