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They had only been at the beach for three or four days when the young woman contacted her own parents to get out of the relationship.

Palmisano begged to go with her but was left behind.“I gave up on trying to get away.

Palmisano said the first thing he did when he got back into the car was to grab her breast.“He looked at me and said, ‘If your mother said you’re my kid, then I own you. You belong to me.’” Palmisano paused in recalling the memory. “From that day on, my life changed forever.”There was physical abuse. November 3, 1979: the first time, of many,he raped her.“It was his birthday,” she said.

“He decided I was going to be his birthday present.”She was in seventh grade at the time.

Instead, her mother and the man started treating Palmisano’s son like he was their own child and she was just an accessory.

She’s mine now.”Following that phone call, Palmisano remembered being transported to a remote location in Minden and living in the woods for weeks before the man transported her and the young wife to a beach near Corpus Christi, Texas.But her life first changed forever when, at 12, she was introduced to the man whom her mother told her was supposed to be her "real dad."“From the first time I set my eyes on him, I knew there was something wrong with this man,” Palmisano said.Her mother left Palmisano alone with him, and he drove her to a liquor store. Palmisano said some memories from that time blur or black out, but she remembers without question one specific date.“He was my security.”Law enforcement eventually tracked them down. By this time, Palmisano started drinking to cope and had been introduced to meth by a family member.She was deemed an unfit parent, and her son was taken from her.“That baby was the only thing that kept me alive, and now they were going to take him away,” she said. They told me, ‘Tina, let him go.’”She was almost 19 at the time.

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