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Something here stinks worse than the dead animal, and that something is your boss.

I doubt this violates an OSHA rule (although I’d welcome someone finding out differently), which means that your best bet is to demand as a group that this be solved, including going over your boss’s head (again, as a group) if he won’t budge.

The answer here is no different than it would be if the genders were reversed: He should tell her clearly that the behavior is unwelcome and to stop.

For example: “Jane, please do not give me gifts, notes, or photos.

How does he get her to stop without being “the problem”?

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But it was clear the higher-ups had already made up their mind.

You have the legal right to organize with your coworkers about your working conditions; use that right to make it more of a pain for your company to ignore you than to keep letting this happen.

(Note that the law protects you when you push back , but not if you do it on your own.

Nevertheless, I remained professional at work and didn’t broadcast our falling out.

She recently made some huge mistakes, and our boss more or less hinted to me she would be let go about a week before it happened, and then confirmed it with me and another person in my department the day before – and the day of – her firing.

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