Starmate r stuck on updating channels

In other words, my system works fine 23.5 hours a day, but, come 0100 AM Eastern time, I can expect to get a garbled and/or silent signal sometime in the coming 120 minutes, which garbled and/or silent signal rarely lasts more than 30 minutes. I'm not plagued by neighbors' kids playing pranks or wild animals exploring, particularly given the time of day.

Does Sirius lend its satellite to NSA to do God knows what for half an hour every morning? I bought my radio in 2008, and I bought the table top sound system (Speakers) to go with it, and the instructions said to face the antenna South Southwest, Well I haven't had a problem in, well maybe a couple, in over 4 years, and the past year or so, the signal would go out a couple times a week, I was so tired moving the antenna, just to put it back in the same place, I was ready to give up, and get a new radio, until I saw Cocavan's post, and your links Charles, thank you both.

I'm not talking Kelvin's absolute zero, but it does get cold! Its likely that at that time of day the satellites aren't directly lined up with your antenna. Thanks again, Lorraine That's fair enough for a home "clamshell" style antenna but I have had an increasing problem with my magnetic "button" style car antenna the last few months.

It has a spectacular LED display that makes images crystal-clear with its Full HD 1080p resolution.

When the Smart Sound Mode is enabled, the Clear Voice II, Virtual Surround, and Sound Mode are automatically adjusted.

To do this, press the Smart button on the remote, then go to Smart Mode, this optimizes the TV to the selected sound mode, which can be Standard, Music, Sport, or Cinema. It is important to note that when Clear Voice II is on, Virtual Surround is not available.

The only variable I can honestly say does occur is the temperature. I changed the antenna to North West, and couldn't believe my ears, it's working.

Is it possible that, when the temperature dips to its lowest of lows in the wee small hours, it affects my antenna's reception? Hopefully that will be the end of my having to change the antenna all around.

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