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It was finally released along with its sibling Aquila in 1996 having initially caught the interest of goliath American brewing company Anheuser Busch.

Eventually though, after several years of evaluation, it was eliminated from further testing.

Banner is known to have moderately high alpha acids, a pleasant aroma and good yield but exhibits poor storability, which along with its mildew susceptibility makes it largely unviable. Light and dark American lagers Aroma: - Substitutes: Aquila, Cluster, Galena Return to Top 12-14.5% Alpha Acids • Domestic • Dual Purpose Hop Released in 1999, Bitter Gold is a high alpha variety with excellent aroma capabilities.

Its lineage includes Brewer's Gold, Bullion, Comet and Fuggle.

Substitutes: Nugget, Galena Return to Top 9-12% Alpha Acids • German • Finishing Hop Also called Hallertau Blanc, its unique character is reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc and can be blended into the beer’s own distinctive aroma and flavour profile.

Beers previously brewed with Hallertau Blanc have already made a great impression thanks to the quality of the bitterness and in particular their enhanced aroma profile.

Used For: American Style ales Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include citrus grapefruit and geranium.

Substitutes: Amarillo, Cascade Return to Top 8-11% Apha Acids • Domestic • Dual Purpose Hop Popular American mid-range alpha acid variety with a unique and distinct aroma.

It is considered by many as being well suited to the IPA style.

Its farnesene presence appears to give Boadicea some spicy character.

Her alphas are low, but just enough to produce a light bodied and rounded bittering.

Even with its high alpha acids, Azacca® still works well as a dual-use hop, giving off a pleasant mix of tropical fruits kissed with citrus.

On the palate this hop is particularly spicy, with mango, pineapple and some pine-like and tangerine-esque qualities.

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