Stop windows from updating

Otherwise, Windows will not be able to save the debug files. 1] First & Foremost, see if a System Restore or Last Known Good Configuration can resolve this issue.2] Else, then run your anti-virus and anti-spyware and your PC Junk/Registry Cleaner. 3] Then try to identify if you’ve made any software or hardware change or modification.This is a driver coding error, akin to trying to access an invalid memory location.

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If your system starts in Safe Mode but not normally, you very likely have a problem driver. If you suspect that a buggy device driver is at fault for the BSOD’s, call upon a lesser known but powerful trouble shooting tool called as the Driver Verifier Manager.4] In most cases, software is the victim and not the cause of BSOD’s. It could be damaged hard disks, defective physical RAM, overheated CPU chips or anything else!5] Check if you can see a driver name in the error details.Although the BSOD has largely been thrown onto the software slag heap, in Vista, crashes haven’t been totally banished.When Windows encounters a condition that compromises safe system operation (i.e., a “bug”), the system halts. It is also commonly referred to as a system crash, a kernel error, a system fault, or a Stop error.

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