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Sudanese often show their emotions (happiness, anger) easily; but the foreigner should not risk displaying negative emotions.

Public displays of affection are acceptable and common.

Remember hand gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice signify a lot when talking to someone.

Men can touch each other on the shoulder while talking.Discussion of your own home and culture are likely to be meaningless as there are few points of intersection.Southern Sudanese have rarely seen vehicles, are unfamiliar with paved roads and shopping malls, rarely have currency (bartering is still very common), and cannot imagine the many technological realities of the western world.Sudanese are similar to Canadians when it comes to communication issues.In general, along with a strong handshake and a smile, you should start by saying ‘As-Salam Alaykum’ (most of the Sudanese use this greeting regardless of their religion).

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