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She is unpredictable and is liable to punch or otherwise physically assault Junichi unexpectedly.Kaoru does household chores and works part-time at a family restaurant to help support her single mother, who later dates another man. Team up dating simulation your friends as you slash through enemies, gain new equipment, and level up. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. A short Gx B, slice of life visual novel set in the Philippines. She is a quarter British from her mother, whose family's surname is Lovely (thus Haruka's middle name).

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One of Junichi's childhood friends and class 2A classmate, she often hangs out with him and his best friend, Masayoshi.

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An anime sequel titled Amagami SS plus, pronounced as "Amagami SS Plus", aired in Japan from January 6, 2012 to March 29, 2012.

Two years ago, Junichi Tachibana had his heart broken by a girl who stood him up on a date on Christmas Eve.

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