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But in fact it happens to be one of the best, featuring some of the most edgy comedy and vivid animation of any TV show of the era.

From psychedeila to pop art, political satire to parody, incorporates themes and techniques that made it ahead of its time in its day, probably contributing to its short two-season run.

Voice actor Kyoji Kobayashi does much to bring Warusa's comically snobbish personality to life.

Thus, the show establishes a set of formulae, but the characteristic thing about is that the staff used these formulae not as corner-cutting techniques but as challenges.

It's essentially an original show, not actually based on a manga.

This certainly helped give the animators more freedom to do their thing.

It's a staple of the show that there's at least one hustle scene per episode.

Episode 1 is hesitant and lacking in spark, and functions mainly to present the basics of the setup to the audience.The Doctor actually just sits around sleeping all day, but when he gets hit on the head with a hard object, he goes into hustle mode.Signaled by the Kentucky Derby fanfare, his true genius comes out, and he assembles a brilliant invention.After they land, Pyuta accidentally steps off a cliff while showing off to Kakko-chan and falls into the water, barely escaping alive from the shark-infested waters.The natives see this feat and promptly crown him king.

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