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Since Kamna wanted it a lot, he agreed to watch the moment his daughter entered the world.

But what he didnt expect was seeing blood and disgusting flesh come out of his wifes large loose cunt, which before pregnancy was sweet and tight.

Vinod parked his bike in front of his house with a wide smile, after a week of negotiation his manager had finally agreed to grant him leave.

He was eager to share the happy with his wife, Kamna, who had been looking forward for a trip to her mothers place. You are quite early Vinod shook his head No, everything is fine.

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A year ago, seeing his wife in a state of undress would have made him crazy with desire and force her for a satisfying fuck.Through those days, the sight of Kamna wearing loose clothes, which made it easier for her to feed her daughter, became common.One night he watched Kamna remove her blouse and let free her milk-swollen tits to feed his daughter.Kamna eagerly spread her legs wide, giving full access to her husband and impatient for a share in the heavenly bliss that was about to come.Vinod fumbled once before entering her hot pussy easily, she was leaking like a firehose, wetting the bed with her sweet juices.

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