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These are informal detentions that don't go on school record, but can be used as documentation if the behavior continues.Really, it's just closer to Time-Out for older kids.You can arrange these detentions with a student before or after school, but taking them out of lunch is particularly effective.But the other great thing about teacher detentions is the appreciation you'll get from your administrator.While you're at it, it's a good idea to try to be nice to everyone as much as possible, but let's be real, it doesn't always happen.If you are cranky, try to find a teacher to be cranky towards, since they are emotionally desensitized to rudeness.

”, most of the time another student will take over your response for you (“It’s on the board!!Read The First Days of School by Harry Wong, the procedures guru. First, you need to figure out exactly how you want everything done. The way students enter and exit, when they can sharpen pencils, if and how they will borrow pencils from you, what heading they will use on their papers, what to do when a visitor walks in, how to ask to go to the bathroom, how you will get their attention quickly, how students will pass in papers, how to work in groups, how to demonstrate active listening, etc.Then, have students practice these procedures until they are not just ok, but perfect. (I have about 25 procedures and it took me 2 weeks this year with 50-minute classes.) Only once your students have mastered your procedures can you begin real instruction. I know it may sound a little brainwash-y and restrictive, but having these procedures in place actually allows you and your students more freedom in the long run.Try to ask on a regular basis what you could do to make that person's job easier, because not everyone appreciates them.And mark Staff Appreciation Day on your wall calendar, little black book, phone alarm, forehead, etc.

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