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test_name, """", """) test Out Of = rs Students! securing_threshold test Mastering Threshold = rs Students! I changed the output variable to an array, and used 'Join' on it at the end. But to find the length of the recordset, I had to 'Move Last' and to set the array length to that, I had to 'Re Dim'.However I stop right there because I lost some of the List facilities, Like the grouper function, and the function that allowed me to item Tap and swap to another screen. It would be very handy for those of us who spend too much time on a plane.I am trying to convert a double numeric value to a string from which I want to extract the first four characters as a string and using the following code: test Date = Inv Print Date 19000000 test Str = str(test Date) if test Date == 0 then test Str = "00000101" test Year = substr(test Str,0,4) test Month = substr(test Str,4,2) Invprint Date is a 7 digit date in the form "cyymmdd".However, when I execute this the string being returned is in scientific notation, for example an Inv Print Date with a value of 1080923.0 returns a string of "2.00809e 007" with test Year and test Month being "2.00" and "80" respectively.I initiated the Date Field object into "var date Field"...

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.Bear in mind that the int function will round double values to the nearest whole integer.However, if the input numbers are integer values anyway - just stored in a double type - then this shouldn't be of any concern. It does not seem like there is any way to store a variable for future use.I am just starting out on Monkey C and appreciate all the help from the forum members getting noobs like me up and going.

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