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At the time I thought, "Poor Stevie, the croud is gonna walk when she comes on stage." She rivaled his energy.When she sang this, one of her back ups stood behind her and sang the echo "I hear you - hear you . ." There was raw pain in both voices - my eyes were stinging.Bella Donna was released when the band was between the Tusk record (1979) and Mirage (1982).Nicks's White Winged Dove tour was only 12 dates because she went right back into the studio to record with Fleetwood Mac.

Except she had wardrobe changes after each song, it was one of the best concerts I'd ever seen.thank you michael from cleveland.Bella Donna became America's top-selling album in September 1981. -michelle The part of the song about Stevie's uncle is pretty much verbatim how it happened.Her uncle was dying and Stevie would visit him every day.She is also an evil witch, who gives me the "willies."Actually, Stevie Nicks wrote many of her songs that she used as a solo artist while she was with Fleetwood Mac. I mondegreened it into sounding (in my head) like "Just Like the Wild Ranger" not realizing that it was called the Edge of Seventeen.She let them look at all of them and choose the ones that they wanted, and she took the "leftovers"--which were obviously very good also. This song is reminiscent (beat-wise) to the opening of "Eye of the Tiger", and I love to use this song to open up a new rock mix cd.

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