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Swift, 26, donned a high-neck red bikini top and color coordinated bottoms while Hiddleston, 35, sported an “I [heart] T. On the actor’s right tricep was what appeared to be a heart tattoo with a “T” in the middle.

I would rather not talk about this if that's alright."has all sorts of fun lyrics, some of which indicate that Swift broke up with Hiddleston — not the other way around.And earlier this month, Hiddleston and Swift spent time with the 35-year-old Englishman’s mother in Suffolk, England after she introduced him to her parents in Nashville.Meet the new squad: (left to right) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (making out, far left), Cara Delevingne (with the sunglasses and blue cup), Martha Hunt (center smiling), Gigi Hadid (with her back to the camera), Matt Lucier (black sunglasses and blue shorts) Austin Swift (with his back to the camera), Taylor Swift (in the red bikini) and Ruby Rose and Harley Gusman (making out, far right) The duo only just went public with their romance a few weeks after Swift split from ex Calvin Harris after 15 months of dating.Though the pair’s romance has clocked in faster than your average Bachelor courtship, the two have already checked off major relationship milestones.Days after their first official date in Rhode Island June 14, Swift whisked the Avengers star off to Nashville in her private jet to meet her parents.

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