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so she could develop the same crossover appeal as Whitney Houston and develop a white audience.

She tried backing out of the tour but it was too late; tickets were being sold.

She insisted her son was the victim of blackmail, stating: ‘This was nothing more than a shakedown. He even cast her son Edd in his 1997 film Copland – but this week the 19-year-old maintained that his mother was telling the truth.

Toni-Ann was on 65 Oxy Contin [a high-strength painkiller] pills a day, and she threatened Sylvester. A spokesman for Stallone said: ‘Unfortunately, celebrities, politicians and athletes frequently find themselves the targets of blackmail efforts by family members and associates who fabricate claims in order to extort payments from them.’ He went on to become one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood, playing Vietnam veteran John Rambo in First Blood which, like Rocky, spawned several sequels. The only picture reported to have been found in his apartment was of Sage, aged 14, with his father.

His lawyer and close friend George Braunstein said Sage ‘idolised’ his father and that the pair were ‘close’.

‘My only regret was having no one to share the room with me’.

That was the evidence that you were on your way to heaven.

Oh baby: Toni fell hard for Keri Lewis, a keyboardist and producer.

Despite the repression, the family learned that the girls could sing – Trina, Traci, Tamar, Towanda and Toni -- and they performed at area churches.

Sister to sister: Toni (center) felt enormous guilt about leaving her four sisters behind as she rode the wave of success.

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