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Anti-piracy groups are monitoring millions of Bit Torrent users every year.

Whether their end-game is to warn, threaten or sue, all public Bit Torrent trackers are populated with companies that harvest IP-addresses.

In addition, our analysis identifies 263 peers that, albeit displaying the same behaviour as monitoring peers do not currently appear in blocklists,” the researchers write.

“Bit Torrent users should therefore not rely solely on such speculative blocklists to protect their privacy,” they add, suggesting that these Bit Torrent users should add blocklists based on empirical research.

A new paper published on these monitoring activities describes the variety of techniques being employed, and shows that P2P-blocklists offer little protection.

When people use Bit Torrent to download copyrighted material, there’s a good chance that their IP-addresses are being logged by anti-piracy groups.

Another group of Bit Torrent users prefer a free option in the form of a blocklist.If you’re downloading something copyrighted, there is a high probability that an anti-piracy organization may be tracking your activity, which will lead to a notice from your Internet provider, and potentially the loss of your Internet account and maybe even a lawsuit.A blocklist – a list of IP addresses known to have displayed certain behavior that you want to block because of that behaviour – is a good way to limit, if not stop, those types of users from connecting to your client.Just last week we showed that two of these companies were snooping on thousands of torrents.Many privacy-conscious Bit Torrent users are well-aware of this kind of monitoring activity and take measures to remain anonymous.

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